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The Mini Mogul Program is a Minimized Private Label Experience


We Do All of the work, Your clients order through a link created Specifically for you; we Create, Fill, & Ship Your Order for you!! 


how it works!

You pick 4 Shades

  • Matte/Gloss or both 

  • Tell us your Brand Name

  • Pick your Font/Color for labels 

  • We Send you, your personal link to send to your clients and you sell. 


Click this link to see an Example MM “HerShe Kis’Zes”!

Let’s Talk Numbers!

  • Each LipStick is sold at $17

  • Your Profit is $10, I receive $7

  • Your full Collection (all 4 shades) is $45

  • Your Profit is $30 

  • We Receive $15

Start Up Cost

  • There is a flat one time rate of $300. 

  • This covers 25 Orders/Unlimited tubes/Labels/Pigment/Production


  • Monday Evenings 9pm Central

  • We disburse payments for the previous week of sales. 

  • We send notifications after your FIRST sale is made, and when your orders are low. 

  • Contact us anytime to track sales.


At the end of the 25 Orders we startup Again, at 250$ if you chose. 


We Also Send you your Collection packaged just as your Clients Receive, to wear, market, & promote Your brand! 


We Can’t Wait To Jumpstart Your Mini Mogul Program!! Submit your $300 investment to our safe and secure paypal account! Then email us your shade selection, logo, etc to TheMMProgram@gmail!

it's time to "boss up"!

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